Yellow Frog Graphics is more than just a wrap and graphics shop. We are a custom marketing solutions company to meet the needs of our customers through the use of vinyl, substrates, signage and more. We are here to help with implementation of new processes, procedures or safety measures that your company might be facing in today’s business environment. We can produce anything from Sneeze Guards to Process Signage, Floor Graphics, Face Shields and much more. Call or email us today and we will get a solution custom made for you!


These versatile protective barriers are used in grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and more. Just place them where you interact with customers the most, like checkout lines, front desks, workstations or countertops.

These high-quality acrylic barrier screens are durable and transparent, so you can easily see and communicate. And with the open slot at the bottom, you can safely hand money or paperwork to customers. Our portable sneeze guards are simple to clean, too. Just wipe down with mild detergent, air dry and reuse.


Yellow Frog can make customized masks for your business, team or organization. Our talented designers can create one with your logo or image. If you’re looking to buy a few or a thousand, we can take care of your order. We do offer bulk pricing for large orders. Call us and we can send you mask color and cut options.

This product has not been FDA cleared or approved, but has been authorized by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use as source control by the general public and by health care providers in healthcare settings as to help slow the spread of infection or illness during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Help raise awareness with social distancing floor graphics and process signage. Remind customers or employees to keep their distance with easy-to-spot safety decals. Made of cast vinyl and over-laminated for extra durability, these social distancing floor signs can be placed in supermarkets, stores or bank lobbies – to communicate important safety information. Set at six feet apart to create personal space and crowd-controlled surroundings.

Process signage are a great way to tell your customers or employees what to do when they enter your business, school or event. These can be temporary posters or yard signs. Or they can be permanent metal or acrylic signage with your branding.


These all-plastic corrugated barriers are ideal for school desktops and educational institutions. They are completely sanitizable and available in customizable sizes with see through front and side panels.

The barriers provide an excellent COVID-19 shield between pupils and instructors and also provides a protective and sanitary barrier between classmates. Acting as a cough shield or sneeze guard, the barrier can greatly assist in the reduction of transmission of COVID-19 on college and school campuses; and is an excellent cost alternative to more expensive acrylic barrier solutions.

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